Sailor Moon Wig – Size: ST – Faux Hair


Look just like your favorite anime character when you wear this exclusive Sailor Moon Wig. Pair it with our exclusive Sailor Moon costume for a complete look.

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IN THE NAME OF THE MOONSo, you’ve either been transported into or out of an anime world.  There’s definitely one clear problem that you must first face.  Either your glorious anime locks have somewhat deflated or you’re finding that you’re the only one without a reality-defying hairdo.  Either way, that can’t stand.  You’ve either had something special robbed or you’re getting some really weird looks!  Before someone shows up and gives you a three-minute monologue of an introduction ending in a transformative battle, you better get on that!FUN DETAILSWe’re happy to set you up with an iconic look that will be perfect for all your battles.  This officially licensed, exclusive Sailor Moon Wig is the perfect accessory to help you complete your own transformation.  The bright golden-blonde synthetic hair is on a mesh cap for easy fit and styled after the Moon Princess, herself.  (Magic Tiara must be acquired through legitimate transformation or separate purchase.) MOON PRISM POWER!Modern magical girl transformations are getting a little unpredictable.  The garb and powers usually come along just fine, but, with all the spinning and flaring lights, the hair just gets a little bed-heady.  Fortunately, this Sailor Moon Wig can help you overcome all those evil obstacles and get on the way to your heroics!