Sailor Moon: Sailor Mercury Women’s Costume – Size: L – Polyester


Use your smarts and your strategic abilities to fend off the Youma in this exclusive Sailor Mercury Costume.

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SHINE AQUA ILLUSION!With the power of intelligence and the fluidity of water, you’d think that Sailor Mercury’s illusion powers would have something to do with tricking the eyes or mind.  And, while she has managed to use some of her cosmic gifts to change her appearance in the same way that Sailor Moon manages to disguise herself up with her secondary magical pen, Sailor Mercury’s iconic Aqua Illusion isn’t a trick of the light at all! That illusion is talking about a thin veil of water that’s about to utterly annihilate the day of one of the baddies who think it is a good idea to go up against the Sailor Scouts!  And, it is about time, too.  Sailor Mercury has too long been the smart gal with a bunch of distracting abilities that just help the rest of the gals avoid trouble.  While Mars is chucking out fireballs and dispelling evil and Jupiter can call down the literal thunder, poor Mercury had to wait so many seasons to unleash heck.  But, boy, when she does, it’s time for evil to chill!  DESIGN & DETAILSTest out some new powers of your own when you shout out “Mercury Power” and transform with this Sailor Mercury Costume.  This brilliant blue and white dress features a pleated skirt and sharp V that could have been a school uniform if it wasn’t for just how magical it feels.  The rest of the transformative effects are here as well, from the dark blue knee-high boots and elbow-length white gloves to the iconic Sailor Mercury tiara.  All you’ll need is the supercomputer goggles and maybe a super soaker to give your enemies a blast!CAN’T GO WRONG WITH THE HIGHEST IQIf you’re supposed to team up with a bunch of other superpowered magical girls, you definitely want to stand out in your own way.  And, even when the strongest, most famous, or technical leader is taken, being the smartest still makes you the winner of the Sailor Scout crew!