Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Wig – Size: ST – Faux Hair


Complete your Sailor Mercury costume with this exclusive Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Wig.

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In the Name of the MoonYou may be great at winking coyly, smiling brightly, and giving others peace signs displaying your friendliness but if you want to really be an anime character, you’re going to need something else. Girl, you need some funky colored hair to give you that cartoonish pop. Take a cue from Sailor Mercury; she’s the one girl in the group with vibrant hair and it makes her stand out (okay, her high IQ and powers make her stand out too).   Design & DetailsWhether you’re hunting for the perfect wig to resemble your favorite anime character or want the best wig to accompany your Sailor Mercury costume, then this officially licensed Sailor Moon wig is what you need. It’s an electrifying shade of blue and it’s cut into a short and choppy shag hairstyle, regularly sported by the smartest Sailor Senshi! Sailor Mercury WigIf you’re looking to join the sailor crew, you’ve got to have that classic look and instead of grabbing that blue dye, all you’ll need is this Sailor Mercury Wig. Don’t forget to grab the matching costume, and then you’ll be ready to secure the universe from evil in no time flat.