Sailor Moon Brooch Bag – Size: ST – Polyester


Add this Sailor Moon Brooch Bag to complete your Sailor Moon costume! This bag is officially licensed and features a crescent moon.

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Anime AdmissionsWe can admit it. Watching Sailor Moon was a huge part of our middle school years. We often wished that we could’ve joined Usagi (or Serena depending on which adaptation you watched) on her quest to rid the world of villains and monsters. Of course, we never bumped into Luna during our teenage years and we never got one of those handy Transformation Brooches to help us out with that. The good news is that now, we have this Sailor Moon Brooch Bag to help us feel more like one of the Sailor Senshi!Product DetailsThis Sailor Moon Brooch Costume Bag is officially licensed and recreates the look of Usagi’s brooch from the anime series. The bag is made out of yellow, velour fabric and features the crescent moon design in the center. The outer edge of the bag has the red, yellow, green, and blue symbols on it and the adjustable strap lets you carry it around your shoulder when you’re not battling against Queen Beryl. The top zipper reveals an inner pocket that’s big enough to carry your essentials!Sailor Senshi BagIf you plan on cosplaying as one of the characters from Sailor Moon, then there’s no better bag than this one based on her signature Transformation Brooch!