Safari Lion Infant Costume – Size: 0/3mo – Polyester


You’ll feel like you found your baby on the African Savannah when you put your child into this Safari Lion Infant Costume!

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As new parents, you know the joy of looking into the face of your adorable little prince or princess and knowing that you would be willing to give the whole world to your little tyke. Of course, thats sometimes a tough thing to do, especially when the world is filled with several other adorable little babes that some would dare to claim are cuter than your little one. Ridiculous! How can any other kiddo compare to the perfectly soft cheeks that you can hardly resist nuzzling? The stretching tiny fingers, the soft and loving gaze they give you though, perhaps you could do without that impressive roar of theirs! Who knew that such a tiny creature could have such powerful lungs!? But, even that should be a marker to prove your little ones lordly state.So, the questions that line up next are how to give the whole world to your newborn. Whenever we are posed with such lofty questions, we turn to the animal kingdom to see how they manage it. It doesnt take any time at all to realize that the little lion cub is lifted up to gaze over the whole of the savannah to see the domain that the furball will one day inherit. The one-day king of the jungle! And they dont even live in the jungle! Thats an impressive spread of animal kingdom that they control.So, taking those lessons to heart, we have ready for you the Safari Lion Infant costume. This sweet zip up onesie is rib knit with faux fur details to give a soft to touch texture and a white and brown polka dot pattern on the tummy that demands a couple tickles. The hood has an adorable lion smile and is topped with a mane of fur topped by tufted ears. Two minutes after slipping into this lion garb, your little one will be ready to inherit the world or at least every awww on the block!