Reaper Group Set of Three – Size: ST – Polyester


Everyone will have to watch out for the reapers on your lawn when they see this Reaper Group Set of Three!

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Its that time of year againtime to pull out your Halloween decorations and turn your place into the best haunted house around. Every family in the neighborhood participates, and its become a fun contest to see who can make their house the scariest. Last year, you were sure you were going to win the Homeowners Association Haunted House award. You had cobwebs. You had gravestones. You had skeletons. You even had a witch that had drunk a little too much of her home brew and crashed into a tree. The award looked like it was in the bag. But then Dale across the street unveiled his life-sized Grim Reaper, and your Halloween hopes crumbled like a dusty skeleton.This year will be different. This year you have a secret weapon. If the Homeowners Association was so enthralled by a Grim Reaper, youll give them thattimes three! One Grim Reaper is scary, but three are terrifying. Thats why you invested in this set of Three Lawn Reapers. Each of the three identical figures is 21 inches tall and topped with a grinning skull that stares into your soul. There is a post for each figurine, which fits into the reaper and is then inserted into the ground for extra stabilityjust in case Dale gets jealous and tries to knock one over. And he will be jealous. Everyone will be.