Plus Size Women’s Oktoberfest Beauty Costume – Size: 2X – Polyester


This plus size women’s Oktoberfest beauty costume is perfect for your next beer festival. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

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It’s easy to imagine a perfect Oktoberfest. When we picture it we imagine a huge, green lawn in the Alps of Bavaria. There are long tents, full to the brim with people enjoying delicious beer and soft pretzels. At one end there’s a polka band on the stage bordered in cheerful lights. And the best part? We imagine lots and lots of sauerkraut.Is it weird that we’re fixated on the sauerkraut? In our opinion, there’s just no point in eating a brat without that juicy fermented cabbage wedged in between the spicy sausage and pretzel bun. Yeah, we’re pretty passionate about Oktoberfest, you can’t blame us! In fact you should join us in our passion. Yep, that means going all in. Learn those polka moves in your living room. Find someone to practice with you even if it’s your aunt Bertha at the senior home, those senior center folks really know some moves. You could also practice deciphering between those lagers and pilsners, a pretty fun duty, if you ask us! But the most important job before the season arrives? Find your perfect Oktoberfest ensemble.If you want a traditional take this dress will be the perfect look! It has a white blouse and green dirndl (a Bavarian take on a vest) and a full skirt with a pink apron. The dirndl has a pink flowered border that would look simply picturesque in an Alpine meadow and pretty darn charming in a beer tent listening to the “Oompa Oompa” of the tuba in a five piece Polka band. We can’t promise you’re going to be better at Hammerschlagen in this ensemble but we can promise you’ll look like an Oktoberfest regular. You might even get a good deal on that sauerbraten!