Plus Size Witch Guard Costume – Size: PL – Polyester


This Plus Size Witch Guard Costume is a high quality look the you can get exclusively from us. Wear it when you need to guard a castle where a witch lives.

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When you wear this Plus Size Witch Guard Costume, you will be given certain rights and responsibilities. For example, you cannot let anyone into the castle you are guarding without the witch’s permission. You can, however, use your intimidating new look to command respect wherever you go.But being charged with such an important task is not all its made out to be. Long days and nights spent standing around. You cant move, no bathroom breaks, and its pretty thankless. After all, the witch only notices you when something goes wrong. Man, now that we get to talking about it, we dont think this would be such a great job at all – even if it does come with some degree of prestige and honor.Well, even though this post wouldnt have been all that great in real life, its still a pretty cool costume that is as high-class as it is intimidating. No one will want to mess with the witch when they see you guarding her! This plus size witch guard costume starts with a gray velvet frock jacket that has a center-front zipper and elastic at the sleeve cuffs. The jacket collar has red braid edging and the skirt panels have appliqued red overlays for added details. The vest is foam-backed interlock with appliqued faux studs, fur shoulder flaps, and twill tape waist ties. In addition to the jacket, the costume also includes interlock gloves that have wide, flared foam cuffs and match the jacket. The foam boot tops have faux fur cuffs and elastic bands underfoot make sure they stay in place all night long. Top it all off with the cylindrical faux fur busby-style hat that has an elastic band on the back for a secure fit.