Plus Size Sexy Werewolf Costume – Size: 1X – Polyester


Wear this plus size sexy werewolf costume for a sassy take on a classic Halloween costume. Who knew that a full moon would bring out the animal in you? available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

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We have been long supplying some excellent threads for the local werewolves, but we recently came upon a few messages from the collective clans of Garau that indicate you all arent exactly pleased with the old image that we have inadvertently held you to. Theyve stated in no uncertain terms that we needed to up the oomph or else. Our look has evolved, they scrawled across a piece of birch bark, so, please kindly get with the program! Actually, the note was a little more terrifying than we can print on a family websiteBut, the message has been received and we are more than happy to bring you lovely werewolves out of the middle ages and into the modern world. In fact, we think youll be pleased with our new updated look. Our team went and embedded themselves in werewolf culture for many full moons, all so that they could return with an accurate picture of the new hipster hounds and their preferred attire. And we must admit, we kind of nailed it with this Plus Size Sexy Werewolf Costume.All the werelasses we met were seen rocking these jagged hem dresses in a classic red plaidthink scary monster meets schoolgirl. These shabby-chic dresses seemed as popular to us at the full moon as shearling boots were in 2004they were everywhere. We also added the red bows at the V-neckline and headband of this costume to mimic another popular werewolf trend: bows were big with the young pup population. Basically, youre bound to howl at the haute nature of our newest were-costume. And if our efforts just happen to appease a group of the most fearsome creatures on the planet, well, then I guess wed call that a win-win. Awooooooo!