Plus Size Dashing Vampire Costume – Size: 2X – Polyester


This is our exclusive Dashing Vampire Costume for plus size men. It is styled with details to transform you into a gothic count. Available in 2X and 3X.

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The Big Midnight ChangeTransforming into a vampire has never been easy. You have to give up your daily sunshiny walks through the park for long nighttime stalks in dark city alleyways. You’ll have to forgo that trip to your favorite Italian restaurant on your birthday. Instead, you might have to make your own garlic free meal at home or settle for a glass of fine red type O.  Yes, there are many issues with transforming into a vampire but we’re pretty sure its all worth it in the end. Why? Well, there’s the immortality factor for one. But in the end, we are pretty sure the main reason to become a vampire is the wicked wardrobe! We’ve certainly never seen a badly dressed vampire rise from the depths of a tomb.Product Details & DesignThis costume features lush colors with a swirling pattern on the jacket and waistcoat. As it is Made-By-Us this costume has a unique cut and quality that you will want to wear again and again. The jacket has deep cuffs and is accented with ruffles along the sleeves, the chest, and a red jewel at the neck. With the elegance of this costume, you just might find yourself looking up real estate in Western Transylvania.Drinking it UpAre you ready to transform? Now that you’ve got this costume you can forgo the annoying side effects of becoming a vamp. Go ahead and chew on that garlic bread while greeting the morning light. Hey, we won’t tell. No one has to know, you look the part of the vampire and that’s what matters! Polish off your look with a black wig and pale white face paint. Hey, maybe you’ll even go out with a whole clutch of vampires. It’s about time that velvet cravats came back in style!