Pet Deadpool Costume – Size: L – Polyester


Transform your dog into Deadpool with this comic book and movie character Pet Deadpool Costume.

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TOUGHEST PUPPER ON THE BLOCKDo you have a pup that seems to think they’re really tough?  Smaller dog that barks at all the big ones and even makes them back down?  Maybe the type who sees a horse or really tall guy and has literally no fear?  Well, you might have a little pooch with a hero complex! Well, you’re never going to get that kind of a pet to back down from a challenge, so you might as well lean into that kind of bravery by giving them a little extra armor and weaponry to even those odds.  And, who can argue if it is going to be friggen adorable in the mean time?  PRODUCT DETAILSMake your super pup a superpowered pupper with this Deadpool Pet Costume.  The comfy coat will keep them warm and also give them the look of the crazy comic character, himself.  The coat is styled after the black and red armor of the regenerating menace and even includes two little swords that are going to flail all over whenever your pet runs around!CRAZINESS NOT INCLUDEDYou are going to have no end to the fun when you see your pet rocking this Deadpool look.  Now, if you notice any odd behavior, crazy antics, or the desire to eat all the chimichangas, we’re pretty sure those were preexisting traits of your pet.  (Then again, Deadpool does break that fourth wall, so who knows!)