Ostrich Adult Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


Strut your stuff in this exclusive Ostrich Adult Costume. This costume features an ostrich bodysuit and matching pants that will have you looking like your favorite flightless bird!

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How much do you know about the courting rituals of ostriches? For such a large bird it sounds like a pretty graceful event. The male bows low to the female, much like a knight would bow to a lady. Then, after he sinks to the ground he shakes one wing then the other. After that he does something that’s important in human courting rituals as well, he shakes his tail feathers! Honestly, ostriches have this living thing down! They nest in the wild plains of Africa which you can imagine, is full of predators. To make sure that their nests aren’t spotted either from above or on ground while the birds are busy incubating they color coordinate their egg sitting schedules. During the day the dusty brown females sit on the nest, blending in with the dry surroundings. During the night the black and gray males take care of the eggs so that far off carnivores can’t spot them. And if they are spotted, well we certainly wouldn’t want to sneak up on one of these birds. They’ve got a kick that can take out a lion.  If you’re looking for a unique, nature inspired ensemble then you may have stumbled upon one of the most unforgettable costumes of your life. This costume is surprisingly easy to put on with the main body, head, and neck attached to the tunic. You’ll be ready to kick up those powerful legs with the gray leggings and stuffed claw feet. Whether or not you want to shake those tail feathers it’s up to you!