One Punch Man Oppai Hoodie – Size: XL – Cottonblend


This is a One Punch Man Oppai Hoodie.

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Saitama Don’t CareWho cares? Saitama doesn’t, that’s for sure! The guy can smash a skyscraper into rubble with just a single punch, so it’s not like he really has to worry about being overpowered by any villain. He can’t seem to remember anyone’s name, no matter how many times he bumps into them. He’s pretty indifferent to insults and sarcastic remarks made at his expense. And to top it all off, he spends his free time walking around while wearing a hoodie that reads “Oppai” on the front of it. Those are all characteristics of a guy who just doesn’t give a hoot about what people think.Of course, you probably don’t quite have the power of Saitama from One-Punch Man, but you can still take on his “I don’t care” kind of attitude when you dress like him! All you need is this One-Punch Man Oppai Hoodie.Product DetailsThis classic pullover style hoodie is made out of a poly-cotton blend, with the word “oppai” printed on the front. It has bright red sleeves and a pouch pocket in front. It’s officially licensed from the One-Punch Man anime series, so it’s perfect for any fan.CosplayYou can also turn this hoodie into a great cosplay costume. Just shave your head, wear this, and head out into your city to defeat evil with a single blow. Just make sure you complete your training regimen first!