Officially Licensed They Live Mask – Size: ST – Latex


Everyone will keep rubbing their eyes when they see you in this Officially Licensed They Live Mask. Hopefully they won’t wake up and start questioning everything around them.

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Are you a fan of the cult classic They Live? If so then this is the day youve been waiting for! You can finally bring this classic cinematic adventure to life with this Officially Licensed They Live Mask! With the amount of intricate detail put into this mask, it will look as if you are actually one of those terrifying aliens sent here to take over the Earth!Add this mask to any outfit you want and transform into a humanoid alien with a skull-like face. In the movie, it takes a special pair of sunglasses in order to differentiate the aliens from the humans. However, those unique shades wont be required this time around. Everybody will be able to see your new horrifying blue and red face. So, dont be surprised if no one sticks around for a conversation, those freaky eyes can be pretty intimidating! Now then, pop on this officially licensed mask and enjoy invading all the Halloween parties this year!