Mouth Mover Fox Mask – Size: ST – Polyester


This Mouth Mover Fox Mask is perfect for any fox costume!

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Ever since the halcyon days of 2013, the world has been wondering, What does the fox say? A fox is one of the animals you can least imagine making an utterance, so its up to you to set the record straight as to what they might say as a decidedly talkative fox. The world may have moved on, but we are fascinated by the way this mask moves along with your jaw. You talk, fox talks. Youll delight young and old alike with this animated furry favorite. You sly fox, you. We have a feeling that youll get into a ton of conversations with folks eager to hear just what this fox has to say. Or, if youre the type who loves masks for their anonymity, maybe youll just vamp and make faces. Nobody said you have to talk.The eye openings have mesh coverings to keep your identity secret while you can see out. This Mouth Mover Fox Mask is a fake fur-covered plastic mask with a felt and mesh lining and soft, sculpted ears. The mask is held in place by an elastic band.