Mossy Oak Tuxedo Vest – Size: L – Polyester


Bring the forest floor with you wherever you go with our Mossy Oak Tuxedo Vest! It’s perfect for a wedding, prom, or any other formal wear gathering.

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So you’re going to some fancy schmancy event and you don’t want to be seen, hm?Well we might have just the solution for you. You can go in the fancy suit (like they’re demanding), but why not wear fancy clothes printed in camouflage? That way you’re following the rules (fancy coat, slacks, vest), but no one will be able to see you!As part of the ensemble, you can include our Mossy Oak Camo Tuxedo Vest. It has satin covered buttons, is made from woven polyester twill, and has an adjustable back strap. It even matches our Mossy Oak tuxedo jacket and other Mossy Oak accessories. So go ahead and go to that dance or fancy dinner! No one will be able to see you anyway!