Miraculous Ladybug Shades – Size: ST – Plastic


These Miraculous Ladybug Shades are here to transform you in to a fashion designing, crime fighting bug, so get ready!

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The miraculous Ladybug knows all about transforming in an instant. After all, she simply snaps her yo-yo and becomes a sweet polka-dotted superhero. Yeah, fighting crime is a lot to deal with when you’re a simple teenager living in France but someone’s got to take down criminals using a yo-yo, right? This Halloween you might be trying to maintain your everyday identity while hiding your crime-fighting side, if so we have the perfect glasses for you! Go about your day as normal. Design those chic outfits, secretly eye up the beautiful (strangely cat-like) Adrien, and keep an eye out for villains. Once you see trouble pop on these glasses. No, they won’t give you power but they’re sure to give you confidence! Who couldn’t be confident when wearing cat-eye glasses with spots and cool eyelashes? Alright Tiki, spots on!