Minecraft Alex Kid’s Mask – Size: ST – Plastic


Give your child’s Alex costume an authentic look when you add this licensed Minecraft Alex Kid’s Mask.

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Master BuilderYou were proud when your child started piling up blocks. From an early age, you thought that your crafty kid, in particular, seemed to have a vision. Then she got older and started constructing Lego masterpieces. You didn’t mind stepping on a stray, impossibly pointy block in your stocking feet once she showed you what she had built from the multi-colored bricks. There were little bungalows, set onto bumpy green lawns complete with green brick shrubbery in front of the windows. There were cars, castles, and even a cat once. So when your little girls took up Minecraft you weren’t surprised to see her become a master builder in a matter of days. She had a virtual home that you were almost jealous of. No need to worry about zombies sneaking in while she slept in her block-shaped bed. She had become the master builder, Alex in this brave new world!Product DetailsWhile this mask might look quite boxy it’s actually much more comfortable. It is made of a light-weight plastic and has foam pads on the forehead to make sure that your child can wear it comfortably for all of Halloween night. There are sight holes in the rectangular eyes so that your crafty kiddo can see without too much sight restriction. Thinking Out of the BlocksNow that your little one can head out to into our world as Alex the engineer, she might be inspired to build something “IRL”. Almost everything she sees while out trick-or-treating has been made by people, why couldn’t they be made by her? This costume can be completed with a green tunic, brown pants, and black boots. Give your child a foam Minecraft pickaxe or light-up torch to make the look complete. She can pair up with Steve and a couple zombies to bring virtual play into our three-dimensional life. Watch out, world, the brave new world is here!