Men’s Santa Claus Smoking Robe – Size: ST – Polyester


You’ll be the comfiest Santa around this Christmas when you wear this Men’s Santa Smoking Robe. It features a Santa themed smoking style robe with a white fur lapel.

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Fireside ChatIt’s been a long night. One of the longest nights of the year, in fact! This year’s trip around the globe had it’s ups and downs. Certain cities are brighter than ever, making navigation easier than fifty years ago. Then again, fewer and fewer people have an open chimney these days. And yes, there are other ways of magicking yourself into houses. Dryer vents work just fine, and a boring old window can do the trick as well but in the end, it’s just a lot more fun to squeeze down a chimney. Long story short, you just traveled around the world, dropping off presents to all the good boys and girls. So of course, you’re ready to sit in front of the fire and relax! You’ll look extra dapper as you share your Christmas adventure stories with Mrs. Claus when you’re wearing this sleek velour smoking jacket. Fun DetailsThis holiday robe is lined with white velour around the neckline and sleeves. The front pockets are deep so you can carry candy canes, extra cookies, or a classic Santa pipe as you’re wandering around your North Pole estate. The robe ties with a matching belt to make sure you stay comfortable even after drinking milk and eating cookies from millions of houses around the world. Saint Nick StatusAre you ready to lounge around on Christmas in style? We say you deserve it. So secure your sash and lean back. All the work is done, the good boys and girls are happy, now it’s time to enjoy that silent night!