Men’s Plus Size Tin Woodsman Costume – Size: 4X – Polyester


This men’s plus size Tin Woodsman costume is an exclusive costume. Enjoy a timeless yet unique look when you dress as this popular storybook character. Available in 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X.

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Ever have a lot of trees to cut down? Are you building your dream log cabin? Or have a lot of fire wood to cut, so you can warm your weary bones in the dead of winter? Life would be so much easier if you were made of tin. Your human arms get tired, especially when you have to swing that large ax around all day. If only you were made of metal.You could make a trip to see the Wizard, where you could ask to be a tin man. Or you could skip the drama of Oz. Skip the pack of wolves the Wicked Witch of the West sets upon the young girl from Kansas, and her friends. Skip the swarm of black bees. Skip the army of Winkie soldiers. Skip the troubles of Oz, just come see us. (We have a hook up with the Wizard. Don’t tell anyone.)This year before you start your wood cutting, come visit us. Get this Men’s Plus Size Tin Woodsman Costume, and be the best woodsman in the forest. You’ll be able to cut all the fire wood you need to keep your home warm this winter, and next winter, and all the winters, without tiring your poor arms out. You will be a strong tin woodsman. All without the drama of Oz. No witches. No having to go see the wizard (he ships directly to us), or getting stung by black bees. No wolves trying to eat the sweet girl from Kansas, or her friends. Just the strength of tin. You’ll be living in that rustic log cabin in no time.