Men’s Plus Size Devil Jumpsuit Costume – Size: 2X – Polyester


You will be devilishly good looking in this Plus Size Devil Jumpsuit Costume!

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We Give a DamnThe devil has feelings too! The devil torments the residents of hell but do we ever think of his issues? The poor guy has lived for eternity but he can’t seem to hold down a girlfriend. Maybe it’s that first dates don’t like the smell of sulfur as they sit down for drinks and hor devours. Maybe it’s that his cave of hell doesn’t have air conditioning. Either way, it’s hard to find someone to curl up and watch Game of Thrones with. Then there is the problem of trying new things. This guy has tried to eat ice cream again and again but it always melts by the time he gets the Rocky Road to his freezer. He wanted to post photos of his favorite damned on an Instagram profile but the heat from hell overheated his smartphone before he could even write his “about me”. Poor Satan is just watching as the worldly delights he likes so much get better and better and more and more out of reach! Let him know we haven’t forgotten him by slipping on this super simple devil costume!Product Details & DesignZipping it up has never been so sinister and cozy at once. This jumpsuit is a bright, classic red with a horned hood and an attached pointed tail. It’s Made-By-Us so you can be sure that the quality allows you to wear the costume again and again. A Different Angle We might look down on devils but someone has to keep hell in order! Rewrite the devil’s rep in this sweet costume. Pair up with an angel and a saint so people will know that you’re not that bad after all. Just don’t offer to bring ice to the Halloween party. You know that it’ll be hot water before you get it to your host’s cooler!