Men’s Fighting Deckhand Pirate Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


This Men’s Fighting Deckhand Pirate Costume is a unique design that will help you command a mighty good time at your next party.

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“Yo ho, ho, ho! A pirate’s life for me!” Do you crave the open ocean? Can you picture sailing wild and free with nothing but the line of the horizon in sight? Back in the pirate heyday, buccaneers were finding brand new land in the Caribbean, hiding their gold and rum in secret caves and hollows of the wild islands. Now that sounds pretty sweet to us!So, if you had the chance, could you resist the call of the endless seas? Short answer: you couldn’t! And if you’re ready for that wild adventure, all you’ll need to do is look like you’re the part of the crew, with this costume! This Fighting Deckhand Pirate Costume is a exclusive design, made and designed by us right here in our own costume studios. And let us tell ya, we are all about that pirate life!You might have half a mind to aim to be a pirate captain, we think that wouldn’t be the job you’d want. Pirate captains were always in danger of mutiny, a hard-working deckhand wouldn’t have to worry. Just keep your head down, your sword handy, and there’ll be plenty of pieces of eight to call your own. And, of course, you’re going to look like sea scum of the highest caliber with this detailed costume. With all the head-to-toe pieces included in the ensemble, all you’ll need to set sail is your own sword!Sometimes you might wonder if you could handle the fighting but here’s the thing. Pirates were often all bark and no bite. That’s why they had tattoos and piercings. That’s why Blackbeard used to light his beard on fire. All you’re going to need is a great costume, and maybe a little bit of pirate lingo, too. You got this. Grab men’s Deckhand Costume, and you’ll be ready to set sail!