Men’s Black Uniform Firefighter Costume – Size: M – Polyester


You will be fighting fires, saving kittens from trees and winning the hearts of all the ladies in this exclusive Black Uniform Firefighter Men’s Costume.

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True HeroicsFlames erupt from the building! You can hear people shouting for help as you pull up in the fire truck, sirens blaring. Your crew rushes to the blast the flames with the fire hose as you extend the ladder to the third story window. You dash up the ladder like some kind of nimble mongoose. A woman utters a cry of relief as you hoist her out of the window and carry her to safety. Then, you run help with the rest of your crew extinguish the flames once and for all! Once the fire is safely under control, the woman you saved rushes up to you and throws her arms around you in a hug. Everyone cheers at your bravery and you’ve become the hero of the town!At least, that’s how you always imagined it when you were younger! Growing up to become a firefighter is alluring when you’re a child, since their heroics are something of true inspiration. Maybe it’s time to rekindle a little bit of that admiration for firefighters by dressing up like the heroes of your childhood dreams this year.Product DetailsThis adult firefighter uniform costume gives you a realistic look based on the true heroes of your city! The costume comes with a black jacket that has metal clasps at center front. It also has yellow stripes around the chest and sleeves. A big red fire department patch on the shoulder and back adds an extra touch of authenticity to the look. The black pants have yellow stripes around the cuffs. The final piece to this costume comes in the form of a molded plastic helmet. The black helmet has a yellow fire chief design in front, making you look like a brave member of the fire department!This Year, Be Brave!You’ll be ready to play the role of a brave firefighter when you wear this costume! Make sure to pair it up with one of our toy fire axes to complete the look for your next costume party.