Marvel Iron Man Winter Hat – Size: ST – Polyblend


Harness the power of Tony Stark when you go out in the cold this winter when you wear this Marvel Iron Man Winter Hat. It features a grey knit hat with red accents and an embossed leather patch with the Iron Man logo.

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Upgrade your winter styleIt must be nice being Iron Man when the chilly winter season rolls in. Tony Stark’s suit probably has advanced temperature control capabilities, so even when the temperature is dropping fast, he still stays toasty warm inside his armor. The rest of us humans have to battle it out with the uncomfortable cold, which is why it’s always nice to have a little help in the fight to stay warm.This Marvel Iron Man winter hat is here to give you the upper hand against winter’s chill! Its extra-thick knit construction is designed to keep your head warm at all costs. The front has an embossed leather Iron Man symbol on it and a decorative red stripe runs around the edge of the hat, ensuring that you feel a little more heroic when you venture out into the cold.© 2017 MARVEL