Marvel Hulk Dip-Dye Slouch Knit Hat – Size: ST – Cotton (100%)


Smash the winter cold when you wear this Marvel Hulk Dip-Dye Slouch Knit Hat. This beanie features a black to green gradient and an embroidered Hulk fist on the front.

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Hulk SMASH!… winter weather.Hulk’s penchant for smashing is well known. He has smashed bad guys. He has smashed buildings and the landscape. He’s smashed evil aliens that live on far away planets. He’s even smashed a few things that really didn’t need to be smashed. This Hulk slouch beanie takes a note from the big lug. It smashes cold weather in a spectacular fashion fit for a Marvel superhero.The cold doesn’t stand a chance against this comfortable winter accessory. It stretches to fit (a feature that would be quite appreciated by Dr. Bruce Banner) and is made of a comfortable material that keeps your head warm. The ombré green color scheme emanates the hues of Hulk’s gamma green skin. To top it all off, an embroidered Hulk fist symbol adorns the front of the hat. You won’t want to face off against the chill of winter without this licensed hat on your head.© 2017 MARVEL