Little Mermaid Ariel Raincoat – Size: 5 – Polyurethane


This Little Mermaid Ariel Raincoat is the perfect coat for the little mermaid in your life! Life will be the bubbles when in this raincoat, for you will stay dry all day long!

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It’s true that the Little Mermaid doesn’t really have a need for a raincoat. She’s a mermaid so she’s completely submerged under the water 100% of the time, that is until she received a pair of legs. Now Ariel is just like us. She’s walking around on land so of course when it’s raining outside, it bums her slightly, which is why she designed this Ariel raincoat for little girls.  Created to look like the Little Mermaid’s classic image, this snap-up raincoat features a printed shell bra on top, green scaley tail on the bottom, and a pink flower embellishment on the hood. Ariel loves wearing the raincoat because it makes her feel like she’s back under the sea with her mermaid clan and little girls will love wearing the raincoat because it makes them appear like their favorite Disney princess. Don’t worry if it’s a rainy Halloween because this coat protects from the rain while looking like a costume!