Little Bee Costume – Size: TD – Polyester


This Little Bee Costume is a great toddler bumble bee costume for Halloween! She’ll be as sweet as she can ”bee!”

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What do you think your little one wants to bee when they get older? A librarian? An entrepreneur? A graphic designer? Maybe, just may-bee, they are bound to be a beekeeper! Have you noticed the signs? Do they seem drawn to yellow and black, especially when the hues are together? Do they exhibit interest in honey (careful not to give a baby honey too soon!), do they tend to seem happiest when sitting in the center of the hive, with all the activity buzzing around? Do they frequently seem drawn to large helmets, wire netting, and other types of protective clothing? Do you think–amidst their babble–that they are trying to get out the words, royal jelly? Congrats! You have a tiny beekeeper in your midst. And its a good thing, because our bee populations need a little TLC. Plus, artisan honeys and urban agriculture are making a major comeback, so theres that. Since your tot isnt quite old enough to get a hand on the honeycomb just yet, best let em dress up in this Little Bee Costume to see what life is like on the other side. The cozy striped jumpsuit is almost too cute to handle, while plush wings and antennae help your lil worker get up close and personal with the mind of his soon-to-be-favorite insect. We know what you thought when your eyes came across this costume: its like it was meant to bee.