Lion Queen Plus Size Women’s Costume – Size: 1X – Polyester


Your rise to the throne has been a long and tricky conquest, but the throne is finally yours! So, put on this exclusive Lion Queen Plus Size Women’s Costume and look like a true and all powerful queen.

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Do you sometimes wish you had the nerve to demand that your will be done? It can be tricky in your day to day. Let’s say you’ve been standing in line for an hour at the Department of Motor Vehicle waiting for something simple like a title change. But wait, you forgot to bring your license plate number. No strings can be pulled. No official cajoled, you just have to deal! It doesn’t seem right for someone as noble as you, does it?  Next time you’re headed to town on official business, try dressing like you own the place!While you’re dressed like this queen, it would take a brave soul to tell you that you had the wrong paper work! In fact, you might just watch them fill your glass with the finest claret and usher you to their secret royal chambers in back. Or not, you might simply get some really strange looks and be treated with the same brisk coldness everyone gets. Unfortunately for people with queenly leanings, we don’t live in the heyday of royalty. You can’t demand respect just because of your birthright. Here’s the thing you can still demand respect with the right ensemble! This gown could earn you the respect you deserve, though we aren’t going to promise anything about the DMV. This red dress is noble with a long skirt and a fitted bodice. The Neckline is unique, widening around the shoulders and curving around the neck in a high collar. The sleeves are long and are wide at the bottom. The lining shows through the split sleeve and is a rustic gold, complimenting the scrolling red velvet in a stunning manner. You’ll feel plenty powerful in this stunning lion queen costume, you know what they say: dress for the job you want!