Legally Blonde 2 Elle Woods Costume – Size: M – Polyester


Become the beautiful and smart Elle Woods when you put on this exclusive Legally Blonde 2 Elle Woods Costume. This costume features her pink skirt suit and includes a stuffed animal chihuahua.

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Give ’em ElleIn college, we wrote a paper for our class in Women’s Studies explaining why we think Elle Woods is the ultimate role model for women. Below is a summary of our assignment… (spoiler alert: we got an A+ on the assignment so prepare to be impressed).Elle Woods is not only one of the best female characters in cinematic history, but she’s also a remarkable role model for women everywhere. She’s the perfect combination of brains and beauty. She maintains her unapologetic love for all things pink and girly while climbing the academic ladder on her quest for knowledge (and a fiancé, but we digress). Elle’s chipper outlook on life pushes her to achieve her scholarly goals, while her zest for life makes her an uplifting source of positivity for all. Above all, Elle Woods is the ultimate female role model because of her unwavering faith in herself which is arguably her most admirable trait.Design & DetailsWell, did our old college assignment sell you on the idea to dress up as the infamous blonde legal attorney, Elle Woods? If not, the image of our exclusive Legally Blonde 2 Elle Woods costume should convince you further. You’ll appear polished and perky, just like Elle, once you’re decked out in the all-pink pencil skirt with a matching top. The matching pillbox hat completes the professional, yet feminine look of a determined young woman. True to Elle’s animal-loving personality, you’ll also receive a stuffed Chihuahua to tote around.Legally Blonde 2 CostumeYou’ll have no problem being the center of attention, but you could always implement the infallible bend-and-snap to help get the attention of that special someone. Obviously, for that technique to be at peak effectiveness, you’ll need the right look and that’s exactly what this very pink Legally Blonde 2 Elle Woods costume does!