Lavagirl Kids Wig – Size: ST – Faux Hair


Get Lavagirl’s fierce pink hair with this exclusive Lavagirl Kids Wig. Be sure to pair it with our exclusive Lavagirl costume for a complete look.

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Even though Lavagirl’s temper can flare up to dangerous temperatures when angered, her hair always manages to stay cool. Lavagirl’s hot pink hair compliments her fiery personality, not to mention her striking ensemble. Elevate your child’s Lavagirl costume by gifting her with this explosive accessory to complete the movie inspired look. Mimicking the superhero’s intense rose-colored locks, the Lavagirl kid’s wig features wavy synthetic hair dyed to match Lavagirl’s bright pink locks from the Miramax film. Attached to an elastic hairnet, this wig stretches over child-sized heads giving them Lavagirl’s  signature hairstyle, perfect for any trip to the Planet Drool.