Kid’s Zalgo Morphsuit Costume – Size: L – Polyester


No eyes, no mouth, but 100% terrifying. Let the shrieking begin when your friends see you in this Kid’s Zalgo Morphsuit.

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People have been long warning society that the Internet is a dangerous place. You never know for certain who you might be talking to or what information might come from credible sources versus someones random writing in the midst of a conspiracy driven nightmare. It is important to carefully examine all content for validity before making any certain judgments or acting upon any warnings that might simply be mischief-makers trying to get your goat if you have a goat, anyway.But, one odd little urban legend has certainly been traveling across the Dark Web that warns of a mysterious hive-mind entity. It begins by corrupting and changing text in comics and otherwise goofy memes. Swapping text around and making it unrecognizable or, worse, making it possible to undresatnd text even when teh wrods are in the worng odeer! Bweare if you come across such terrifying exmaples of strange chnanges because Zalgo might be there!In fact it might be too late. Your kiddo is looking a little spooky, dont you think? Mightve been taken over by this scary-looking Kids Zalgo Morphsuit, in fact. What seems to be a comfortable polyester and spandex blend jumpsuit with complete foot, hand, and head enclosure (the latter of which can be unzipped for eating or letting your terrified spectators a chance to breath) may actually be the Internet legend come to life! Its exotic and wandering lines of black and white depict the changing environment of the Internet and Zalgos unique ability to manipulate its content. What are we to do, though, when the dangerous parts of the Internet start walking the streets at night? At least we can hope that your Zalgo-Kiddo is on our side!