Kids Sparrow Pirate Boots – Size: S – Faux Leather


He’ll get rum once he’s older. Right now your little Jackie needs a fine pair of boots for his adventure. These Kids Sparrow Pirate Boots are an affordable way to spruce up his pirate costume.

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Ahoy, little matey!You have lots of big dreams of being the pirate captain of your own version of the Black Pearl someday. And those will be some mighty big boots to fill. But until youre ready to take command of the helm, weve got some boots that are just your size!When you put on these comfy Kids Sparrow Pirate Boots, youll feel like a real pirate of the Caribbean. And youll be able to go door to door raiding for booty (you know that means Halloween candy) better than any other little buccaneer out there. The boots are black patent faux leather so they look like Captain Jacks but hold up in the rain so much better. They zip up so its easy to get them off and on, and the big, piratey cuffs fold over had tie up really cool. Before you know it, youll be on the ships with the big rogues!