Kids Skull Mask – Size: ST – Latex


You’ve already got him the skeleton costume, get really creepy with this Child Skull Mask. This scary mask is great by itself or with any of our skeleton costumes!

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That’s great that your kiddo has decided to be a part of the undead army this Halloween! Although it might be a bit difficult to tell him apart from the hoards of zombie costumes flooding the streets this year. Well, we have a solution that may help your little one stand out among the crowds of living-dead. Dress your tiny terror up as a skeleton and start with this Child Skull Mask! First off, we are big fans of zombies and everything involving them. However, we feel that now a’days the classic skeleton monster gets passed over all to often. Sure both monsters are equally mindless and zombies may even be more durable, but with reanimated skeletons, you can actually equip them with swords and shields. In doing so you can have an actual ARMY rather than a hoard, which is basically a big crowd… oooh so scary. Make your kiddo a true undead soldier this Halloween with a classic skeleton costume, some weaponry, and this Skull Mask!