Kid’s Deluxe Frog Costume – Size: M – Polyester


When you wear this Child Deluxe Frog Costume you might just make a ribbit or two, but that’s just what frogs do!

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Ribbit, RibbitKids are like swamp creatures. They are awesome, but kind of slimy. You love playing with them. Taking them swimming, and bike riding. You think they are cute. Their faces beneath the layers of dirt are flushed red, their lips open in a smile that shows their missing teeth. They let you be a kid with them.You brought your daughter to the pond in the woods a little while ago, and now she wants to go there all the time. She wants to play with the tadpoles. Scoop up the minnows. And pick up the turtles. She wants to see the way their little feel try to run in the air. She wants to live in the pond. Not as a swamp monster, or some scary backwoodsman, but rather as one of the reptiles that live so happily in the small ecosystem.Well, she can’t live in the pond. But you can get her this Child Deluxe Frog Costume. It will let her be a frog, all without you having to bring her supper to the murky pond in the woods. She can practice her ribbiting like the frogs she finds in the woods. And she will look so cute as she crouches over, and tries to hop like the other frogs. It might take her a few tries to get it just right, but she will eventually. You will see her lips parted in a smile the size of the ocean, missing teeth, and all. And the best part is, your little frog wont actually live in a swamp, so she wont actually be slimy. Well, anymore than she usually is.