Kids Deer Costume – Size: XS – Polyblend


With the child deer costume he can roam the woods, frolic in a meadow, stroll in a stream and do lots of other deer activities. He could also participate in a play or attend a Halloween party.

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Some kids may be A-OK with just painting on an animal face and wearing a brown shirt, telling their friends, Yeah. Im a deer. Not your little one. No, no, no. Your wild, woodland creature is never fully satisfied until their costume has secured the Halloween contest title. And you know what? We applaud em for that.In addition to being totally adorable, a true, all-out costume allows your kiddo to get fully into character. They can prance all the way to school (you normally have to drive) and run away at the first sign of danger (instead of standing their ground against their big sis). This Child Deer Costume will also keep your little dear warm while trick or treating through Halloweens inevitable gusty gales. As a bonus, this look can also double as a good reindeer costume; just add a bell collar and a red nose and watch all-new magical make-believe unfold as they prance through the snow.The best part of your kid being a deer is that once they are secure in this adorable velour jumpsuit and the added felt mittens and shoe covers, all deer rules apply. Deer have to eat their vegetables. Deer are not known to eat candy. Deer are highly-social animals who take care of their family members. So what are you waiting for? Smudge some black paint on your kids nose and lets see how far theyll take their love of their favorite animal. And if you cant get them to stop and pay attention to you, just shine a flashlight in their face and watch them freeze up completely.