Kids Dead Zone Zombie Costume – Size: 6 – Polyester


Looks like this football player has been tackled too many times! This Kids Dead Zone Zombie Costume is a scary costume for boys.

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And there he goes dodging past a couple tackles right after a beautiful pass. He’s making his way down the line just dragging past every defender and now he’s on the breakaway sideline!He’s at the 30, the 20! Oh, but wait a minute there’s a defender catching up to him…He goes for the diving tackle and gets a hold of a leg! But the running back keeps going! Wait a minute where did his leg go? The defender still has it! He’s hopping past the ten, the five, and he dives for the touchdown! I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it! Wait a minute, he’s standing up for some sort of celebration. Oh my goodness, he’s actually eating the ball! Somebody go tell our very first professional Zombie football player that the ball is not a brain! You just can’t write this kind of stuff! (well unless you’re a copywriter here!)Sure, zombie football players might not have the speed of a regular football player, but they’re much more tenacious. Once you turn your child into a member of the undead team with this zombie costume, don’t be surprised if he keeps chasing after the guy with the football long after the game is over. This costume comes with everything your child needs to rise from the dead this Halloween and take to the field! The polyester jersey has unfinished seams and Hook and Loop fastener attachments inside for the included shoulder pads. The elastic waist pants are perfect for all night wear and also have jagged edges. The included swampy gray scarf gives him that just-from-the-crypt look and the vinyl half helmet completes the look. His game isn’t over until he eats his brains. Let’s me sure he doesn’t do that. It might result in a little bit more than a 15-yard penalty!