Karate Kid Daniel San Wig – Size: ST


You can do the Crane kick, but if you’re not doing it in this Karate Kid Daniel San Wig it doesn’t really count! Look the part with this exclusive wig.

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Don’t Pull Your Hair Out!Will you be able to defeat Johnny Lawrence? Are you ready? He’s pretty tough and the Cobra Kais are all about dirty tricks. You must be really worried. Mr. Miyagi seems to be keeping his cool, but… is he going even more bald over this!? No doubt the stress is starting to show on you, too, but you shouldn’t be too worried. Since you’re going to represent Mr. Miyagi in the tournament, we’ve got a few ideas to help you rock the ‘do that made Daniel-San famous. Design & DetailsSlip this classic movie style Daniel-San Wig on and you’ll be Mr. Miyagi’s Karate Kid protégé in no time. This officially licensed wig gives you the 1984 bangs and scruffy look that Ralph Macchio made famous. You’ll have to earn the headband yourself, just like Daniel LaRusso, but you won’t have to worry about doing any of those weird exercises just to get that mop of hair ready for the tournament! Wax Off!You’ll have no need for any wax on your noggin when you get into fighting shape with the Daniel-San wig. Remember, you want to be stylish for the win. (You want Miyagi’s skills, not his hairstyle!)