Jurassic World 2 Blue Velociraptor Kids 3/4 Mask – Size: ST – Latex


Your child will look like a dino straight out of Jurassic Park when they wear this Jurassic World 2 Blue Velociraptor Kids 3/4 Mask.

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THE BRAINIEST LITTLE MONSTERRaptors are strange and amazing little critters.  When you think about dinosaurs, you picture huge and dangerous, giant and deadly.  You’re also probably a little glad that they’re generally pretty dumb.  But, then these guys break the mold. Something about being smart, cute, small, and full of danger that makes them really captivating.  Come to think of it, there is another critter that fits all of those qualities, too!  We’re not saying that your kiddo is definitely a raptor, but…FUN DETAILSIt might be a good idea to let your tyke get the danger side of that equation out of the way.  This Kid’s Jurassic Wolrd 2 Blue Velociprator 3-Quarter Mask can be just the thing to let your darling get their dino out in a less ferocious way.  The mask covers almost all your kiddo’s head but the toothy raptor grin and cheekbone cut-outs allow for easy vision and breathing.TIME FOR BLUE TO SHINEThe raptors of Jurassic World were probably the real stars of the show, but Blue is going to take center stage this time around.  Show the world just how energetic a cute raptor can be when your kiddo slips this Jurassic World 2 Blue 3/4 Mask on and gives out that first cute roar.