Jumbo White Bunny Accessory Kit – Size: ST – Polyester


Our Jumbo White Bunny Kit is the easiest way to spring into Easter It’s the perfect way to dress for an afternoon of Easter egg hunting!

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Have you ever been stuck in that awkward situation where you show up at an Easter gathering, but once you get there, you realize it’s an Easter costume gathering? Or, maybe you’re playing the role of the iconic White Rabbit in a local theater’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland, and your bunny props got lost at the dry cleaner, mere moments before the curtain goes up? Or, do you just dig the way bunnies hop and frolic around, and want to see what it’s like for yourself?If you can relate to any of those scenarios (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us), then you need our exclusive Jumbo White Bunny Kit for those bunny emergencies! We’ve designed this awesome critter costume kit to give you the look of a cuddly rabbit, whenever you need most! The plush paw shaped gloves and the matching ear headband and tail will look perfect at any unexpected Easter costume parties, stage wardrobe mishaps, or when you’re just partying it up, bunny style!