Johnny Bravo Plus Size Men’s Costume – Size: 2X – Polyester


‘Whoa, Mama!,’ is what you will be saying when you catch your reflection in the mirror in this exclusive Johnny Bravo Plus Size Men’s Costume. Available in 2X.

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Bravo, BravoHave you ever heard that silly saying, “Beauty is only skin deep”? Yeah, makes sense but it seems kind of obvious. Bodies are pretty much all the same once you get past the surface, that is to say, they’re all gross and wet, even your gorgeous muscles don’t look that great once you dive under the skin. So, beauty is only skin deep is very obvious but very true.The surface is really what matters, although your looks are sometimes so intense that the ladies simply scatter off, most likely so they can go let the other girls know that their gift from God is here. You’re a busy guy, between talking to yourself in the mirror, avoiding any work, chatting up every one of the female variety with cunning conversation starters, and flexing in the streets you hardly know how you find the time to watch copious amounts of television. One would almost wonder how you got those tickets to the gun show. Cartoons are different.Design & DetailsNow, to cut down on the time you actually work on those arm potatoes of yours, we’ve provided you with this fantastic muscle shirt. It’s easy to live up to your Johnny Bravo potential in this costume that makes you so handsome you might just call 911 to report that there’s a handsome man in your house before realizing that you’re looking at your reflection. You’ve got the blond wig, the glasses, and your muscle-T, all you need now is an endless list of pick-up lines to keep up your muscle sleeves.Johnny Bravo CostumeWhether you’re hitting the beach, or whether you’re going to show off at the party, you’ll instantly have the buff and brash look of Johnny Bravo. Oh, and you’ll even have the hair! You really can’t discount the power of that pompadour.