Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses – Size: ST – Plastic


These Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses are inspired by the ones worn by the character from the novels.

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Everyone knows that scars make guys look cooler. Just look at Harry Potter! Lord Voldemort gave him a lightning bolt shaped scar, because he’s one evil guy, but all it did is turn Harry into the toughest looking wizard in all of Hogwarts. Didn’t Voldemort realize that a lightning bolt shape is the best shape a scar could ever take? It’s no wonder Harry Potter gets the upper hand against the evil Dark Lord in the books.Of course, if you want a cool scar like JK Rowling’s character, then you don’t need to face off against any evil magic users. You just need these Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses. They are inspired by the glasses worn by Harry and they even have a lightning bolt shaped scar designed into the lens. They might not get you into Hogwarts for some cool wizarding lessons from Dumbledore, but they will make you look a little more like a wizard.