Harry Potter Hedwig Plush – Size: ST – Polyester


This Harry Potter Hedwig Plush is the perfect accessory for your Harry Potter costume! It features a stuffed plush animal that looks just like Hedwig.

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The Best Harry You Can BeWe can’t guarantee you that if you choose to dress like Harry Potter for Halloween, you’ll be the only Harry in the room (though we hope that there aren’t so many that the party resembles the Battle of the Seven Potters). He is the most famous face in the wizarding world, after all! So how is a Harry to stand out against the costumed competition? Details, my friend. Details. For instance, you have his round spectacles (we hope) and his Hogwarts robes and Gryffindor scarf. You have his replica wand and…oh…did you remember to draw a lightning scar on your forehead? Good! Then you’re almost ready to step out as your favorite boy wizard. Almost…Product DetailsPick up this Harry Potter Hedwig Plush Animal and you’ll look totally authentic! It’ll be easy to spot the most loyal Potter fan when you’re carrying around this Hedwig replica, ensuring everyone knows you’re the real Boy Who Lived. This stuffed animal looks just like Hedwig, with her spotted wings, big yellow eyes, and snowy “feathers.”All in Good TimeOne thing is for sure: if you’re going to become Harry Potter, you have some big shoes to fill. Start by paying attention to the details and taking your job seriously. Then hope the whole brazen bravery, dedication to goodness, and Patronus mastery follows suit!