Hannibal Lecter Kill Suit Costume – Size: XL – PVC


Have your very own kill suit just like the one Hannibal wears in the NBC hit show when you get this exclusive Hannibal Lecter Kill Suit Costume.

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The logic for wearing a plastic suit makes complete sense to us. It’s basically the same reason some choose to coat their couches in plastic covers; it’s a personal philosophy our Nana has drilled into our heads during our childhood: you have to take care of your things! As adults, we totally understand; our belongings are a reflection of ourselves and we should treat them with care. Touch Nana, touch. If you’re a person who doesn’t want to stain your expensive clothing (especially if you’re accustom to wearing fancy three piece suits) then this plastic zip-up suit is exactly what your sophisticated lifestyle calls for.Say for instance, you’re home at lunch whipping up some spaghetti and you don’t want to get any sauce on your suit. Completely understandable since sauce stains and your suit is expensive. Just put on this clear covering so your stylish Italian suit stays pristine. Plus, you’ll still get to gaze at your refined ensemble while you cook; a luxury that an apron can’t offer! Of course, this is just one reason to wear this suit. You can also use it for other things, like perfecting your Hannibal Lecter costume, since technically this is a “kill suit,” after all. There’s no point to go into gory details regarding Hannibal and this plastic garment (just substitute “blood” for “spaghetti sauce” in the above example, and that will explain everything you need to know), so we urge you to wear it for your specific needs. Plus, you’ll be making our Nana very proud!