Hannibal Lecter Costume Suit – Size: XL – Polyester


Look just like your favorite TV serial killer when you get this exclusive Hannibal Lecter Costume Suit. This costume features Hannibal’s blue with white pinstripe suit look.

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A Debonair DevilYou seem polite. Well put together, even. You’re traditional in a way, always disapproving of breaches in etiquette or outright bullying. Some might say you would make a great catch. You’ve got a real way with words. A Renaissance Man, no question. And your culinary skills are to die for, so they say. You might have some peculiar eating habits, but every good thing takes a bit to acquire the taste, right? (Nobody starts off liking caviar, after all.) In fact, when you recently had the Baltimore Orchestra’s Board of directors over you received only compliments on your cooking. No one could argue that you didn’t know how to turn a phrase or pick out a nice suit. Still, there’s just… something about you that seems a little… off. And, what is in this delightful dinner? Design & DetailsThis Halloween, don’t become the obvious villain. Who wants to hand out threats like candy at a parade. We’ve all learned over the years that evil can be refined and polite… and that’s the really spooky stuff! Try your hand at a gentleman killer with a particularly refined taste when you wear this officially licensed Hannibal Lecter costume. This checked suit is right out of Dr. Lector’s wardrobe, Made by Us in our in-house design studios and certainly earning the mark of approval from Hannibal’s sophisticated style. This dark-checkered suit does a great job of replicating the look from the Hannibal TV series and comes with the buttoned jacket, vest front, elastic trousers, and a traditional necktie. (What Dr. Lector would accept a clip-on!?) Patience for PatientsWhen you dress up in this Hannibal look, you might find yourself really getting into someone’s mind. That’s natural for a doctor of psychiatry… something is tickling our brain that you go a little further. Just remember: proper wine combinations are everything.