Hairy Hands – Size: ST – Faux Fur


Your hands are not immune from a full moon. These hairy hands will make you werewolf transformation complete!

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Every once in a while, it’s worth pawserpausing for a minute to appreciate some of the simple pleasures of everyday life. Like hands! Should we give them a round of applause? The choice is yours if you’re living a life of limb-y luxury, with a digit-riddled slap-paddle dangling from the end of either arm. Sometimes it’s good to put your palms together, just because you can!Then there are times when having glove-shaped knuckle bags can be a little inconvenient. Like whenever we go to hang a picture, our hands always seem to leap in front of the hammer. Ouch! And whenever we put on a wolf costume, we have to choose between wearing an incomplete look and retaining the basic use of our pudgy graspers.But fear not: Hairy Hands are here! With realistic fur and sharp-looking claws, these convenient mitts feature built-in canine backscratchers. Meanwhile, hidden openings on the underside unleash your own hands’ amazing dexterity! That should make for a happy Howl-oween.