Green Top Hat Accessory – Size: ST – Felt


Looking like a stud is just a green top hat away, so what are you waiting for? St. Patrick’s Day is probably just around the corner.

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How could one celebrate St. Paddys Day without a Green Top Hat on their head? Well, one couldnt and shouldnt ever even try to! Everybody knows that everything is always way better when you do it with a top hat sitting upon your crown. And when its St. Paddys that top hat has GOT to be green.You can wear this snazzy hat with any casual St. Paddys themed outfit you have planned out. Even go all out with a leprechaun costume this year and complete your magical transformation with this green beauty. Be sure to look through the rest of our St. Paddys themed accessories to put together the perfect outfit for the holiday. Just watch out for anybody trying to find a lucky pot of gold while this is on your head. You may end up spending your St. Paddys Day in one of those pesky leprechaun traps!