Grease Plus Size T-Birds Jacket Costume – Size: 2X – PVC


Become the coolest new student at Rydell High with this Plus Size Grease T-Birds Jacket! Available in 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X.

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Trying to become the newest member of the T-Birds?This Plus Size Grease T-Birds Jacket proves as exclusive as the new Rydell High crew you’re joining and it’s made of our finest faux leather. It even has the T-Birds logo emblazoned in white on the back, so you can instantly show your loyalty to your new (much cooler) group of friends. Add your favorite black denim, a classic white tee, a little (giant) dab hair gel for that perfect, slicked-back ducktail and you’re all set! You’ll be ready to fix Greased Lightning and hang out with the rest of the T-Bird crew!