Gothic Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume – Size: 5X – Polyester


With this Gothic Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume, you’ll be finding all kinds of big bad wolves! Available in sizes 1X/2X, 3X/4X and 5X.

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Heres the thing: you really had gotten your hopes up, planning to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween this year. But then your friend went and made her huge costume party have a dress code: Spooky/Scary Only. While the original fairy tale is, indeed, a bit creepy, the sight of Little Red in her hooded cape doesnt exactly send shivers up the spine. Until now.With this Gothic Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume, a jolly stroll to Grandmas becomes a midday lurk through the woods. An innocent trek becomes a haunting expedition, and the real villain of the story? Hmm…we wonder if we may even have gotten that wrong, too. Maybe the wolf was framed by Red herself, to cover up for her own devious behavior. Maybe weve been fooled for centuries by a psychological mastermind in a blood-red capeYou get where were going. This twisted version of a classic Red Riding Hood costume can satisfy your Halloween hopes and your friends tight dress code. In this ensembles faux-lace-up corset dress, velvety skirt, and matching hooded cape, you can make the Big Bad Wolf obey your every command (isnt that how you got him to comply with your plans in the first place?) Go ahead and meet the costume standards for tonight and be a bit spooky; but rest assured, in this costume youll also be dramatic, sexy, mysterious, and attention-getting. Best leave Grandma at home tonight.