Gold Flapper Headband – Size: ST – Polyester


If you want to look extra fabulous in your flapper costume, then you should give this Gold Flapper Headband a try! It’s a great look that goes with many of our Roaring 20s costumes!

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If the Flappers are remembered for anything, it’s that they really knew how to accessorize. They took the inspiration they had for a simple and elegant yet fun and exciting dress and put it to work with their entire outfit. Instead of putting a whole bunch of flowers or feathers in their hair they instead would settle for just one or two of each of those and make sure it was as shiny or dark as it gets. The extreme differences in color were sure to stand out in the world of flashing lights and boisterous jazz music. Now you can embody the definition of 1920s high times fashion with this beautiful gold headband. It’s sure to turn quite a few heads and dazzle the entire room when this baby shines in the light or twinkles as you jive around the room. Don’t forget to grab your favorite feathery boa and a pearl necklace on your way out.