Gladiator Women’s Costume – Size: XL – Polyester


Grab your shield and your sword and jump into the warriors ring in this exclusive Gladiator Women’s Costume. This gladiator costume features a burgundy skirt and cape with brown armor accents

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You’ve been a fighter ever since day one. Not content with just sitting in your chair to do some finger painting, you were sizing up your foes and laughing in the face of conflict during kindergarten. During elementary school, you were practicing your fighting skills against imaginary bad guys in the backyard. In high school, you could have crushed anyone on the debate team with your top notch fighting skills. Yes, you’re no stranger to a battle, so maybe it’s about time that you embraced your destiny to become the gladiator that you’ve always known yourself to be!Have you ever thought about it? With your fighting prowess, there’s no foe that would be too mighty for you! You’ve already got the attitude and skillset to take you far in the Colosseum, so all you really need is the kind of outfit that will help you look like a warrior from ancient Rome! You need this exclusive gladiator costume for women!This Roman gladiator costume was designed by our expert costume designers to create a look that will have you feeling like a fierce warrior. It comes with a dress that has faux armor designed into the top. The skirt is dark red with metallic gold brocade ribbon trim. The costume even comes with a red cape. Once you have it on, you’ll feel ready to battle against any enemy they send at you, whether it’s a savage roaring lion, or a towering raging cyclops. They stand no chance!